Balmoral '50-pounder': the verdict

A fisherman catches a huge salmon, but there is no witness and no photograph and only a rough measurement taken of the fish's length against a rod. Coverage of the capture of 'the Balmoral 50-pounder' caught this June has since appeared in magazines from the Field to Trout and Salmon and the capture has been well documented and discussed on our own Fly Forums. But how does such a catch go down in the history books? And what was the final verdict of a man who lives and breathes the River Dee, Ken Reid, Fisheries Development Officer of The Dee District Salmon Fisheries Board? ... Full story

Stories from the Castle

Closeburn Castle, that is, where a timeshare rod gives me fishing for weeks in late April, July and October. The proper salmon week is October but no one told my father this: he's caught fresh summer salmon of 13lb, 11lb, and now, pictured here, this 9 3/4-pounder he caught three days ago, in each of the last three Julys. The fish took a Rapala in high but clearing water (plus 2ft) after I'd been down the pool with the fly-rod. ... Full story

Constant rain forces ‘heartbreak’ cancellation of CLA Game Fair

With great regret the CLA said today (12 July) that exceptionally bad weather has forced it to take the “heartbreaking decision” to cancel this year’s CLA Game Fair, at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire. ... Full story

CLA Game Fair closes its doors - for now

Extraordinarily wet weather conditions for weeks this summer have brought enormous pressure to bear over the past week on the Country Land & Business Association and their showpiece event, the CLA Game Fair. In the wake of the cancellation of other big country shows this summer, including the Great Yorkshire Show this week and the Scottish Game Fair and Suffolk Show last month, and with heavy rain forecast tomorrow and next week, for the first time now the Belvoir Castle site's gates have been closed - or at least entrance to exhibitors working flat out on the build-up, suspended. ... Full story

Flies for the Nith in July

A week today I'll be fishing my 'home' river, the Nith in Dumfries and Galloway. It's encouraging to see the amount of rainfall up there, as fish were in the river even before the rains started several weeks ago. Today the river was up around the spinning mark and there's heavy rain forecast tonight.. ... Full story

CLA Game Fair embraces social media

Britain's biggest countryside event is the latest to embrace social media and the online in a big way and we at Fish and Fly - and our members, visitors - need no reminding of the primacy of online in terms of up-to-the-minute coverage of international salmon and destination game-fishing. In another first the Fair is launching a casting event that allows able-bodied and disabled anglers to compete alongside each other. ... Full story

Blogging daily from Nith and Gaula

  It’s not really a sentence, is it? Blogging daily from Nith and Gaula? So how about this (which is not really a question): Over the next seven ... Full story

Lower river action in Norway but it's set to explode!

The first month of Norway's short season has been characterised by a cold start with big rivers swollen with snowmelt and rainfall and salmon catches as a result confined to lower beats of some of Norway's most famous sportfish rivers. On the plus side some extraordinary salmon have been caught and the new month promises some red hot sporting action. ... Full story

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