GAIA’s Tweedswood Open day, Spring 2010

The Game Angling Instructors Association (GAIA) will be holding its annual spring open day at Tweedswood
on Sat 13th March 2010.

This famous Tweed beat is near Melrose in the Scottish borders.
The day is open to the public as well as GAIA instructors and will be a great opportunity to see what GAIA is all about,
whether you are interested in becoming a game angling instructor or are just looking to improve your fishing skills and knowledge.

During the day there will be workshops hosted by:

  • Peter Anderson, On Single and Double Spey.
    Peter is the father of Scottish spey casting, the best casters all seem to have been tutored by him at some point.
  • Ronnie Glass, On Grayling Fishing.
    Ronnie is a Scottish rivers Champion and Internationalist and the manager at the Kelso Orvis shop.
  • Kenny Gault, From Tweed Trout and Grayling Biologist.
    Kenny represents the Tweed Foundation and will be talking about entomology and the Tweed.
  • Andrew Toft, On Fulcrum Spey Theory.
    Andrew is another superb caster from the Peter Anderson stable and he will be demonstrating Fulcrum spey casting.
  • Peter McCallum, On Fly Dressing.
    Peter is one of our local APGAI fly dressers and will be tying flies for most of the day, on and off.
  • Mark Roberts, On the New APGAI Double Handed Syllabus.
    For those you who wish to take this qualification, or are just curious about what is involved, this is your opportunity to view it,
    ask questions and try it if you wish with Mark Roberts (Chair of Standards and Practices).
  • Louis Noble, On the New APGAI Single Handed Syllabus.
    Similar to Mark Roberts’ workshop but covering the new APGAI Single handed syllabus with Louis Noble (Chair of Assessors and Assessment).

Each workshop will run twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

There will also be time for everyone to have a 1-1 session with one of our instructors.

The cost of the day will be £55 and will include lunch.

There will also be a evening meal at the George and Abbotsford Hotel in Melrose at an extra cost of £25, to which all attendees are invited.

Please contact Alberto Laidlaw at