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Thread: rio afs line

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    rio afs line

    interested in getting a rio afs line ,rod is a scierra sweep 14 foot 9/10,
    anyone now how the afs 9/10 would preform on a scierra rod,quite a deep action rod,and ive heard the rio lines are a little heavier than most

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    I've never hear Rio lines are heavier, but maybe they are. If you go to their website they have charts matching rods and weights of their lines.

    You'll also need a versileader, probably a 15ft one.


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    Hi CJ

    The AFS heads are pretty accurate in their tolerances and I would be surprised if they are heavy. They are 60 grains apart in difference, so go from 340, to 400 to 460, 520, 580 and 640 grains. Each line has a tolerance of plus or minus 20 grains and everyone I test is far, far closer than 20 grains to the stated weight.

    I don't know the Scierra Sweep rod, but if it is more of a #9 than a #10, go with the 8/9. If it is more of a #10 than a #9, go with the 9/10 AFS.

    I hope that helps.


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    Hi CJ,

    i was just posting in another thread when i stumbled upon your question. Look at my post in :

    Maybe this can be of help and who knows maybe you can solve my problem?

    Best regards


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