Ok, some serious fishing done. We tried some sea run trouts from River Isojoki.

Line is said to be a "multi-task", for being a skandi-skagit line. Problem is, that at the package there are no hint how to do this. It comes with 8' ridged tip. Why ridged? Because of lenght wise stripes, tip lures a bit. Could be a luring for salmon?

I bought a #8 line to match my #8 rods. That was no-no. At 13' #8, whitch casts all other AFFTA #8 lines perfectly, it felt a too light shooting head.

At 13' #7 it was match for skandi casting.

At 13' #6 it was just little light skagit.

Pros was that it is very easy casting. You going to miss top lenght casts, but you're fishing. Not ment to be.
It cast's well, when anchor placed far front of you. Tight quaters are quite easy to cast.
It straightens very progressively.

Prize/quality is good. Just think those class stuff first.