Hi, I will hopefully have a few next cast fly lines if anyone would like to trial , i have no connection with the company other then , i was recently speaking to simon the owner via email and as they are not too well known in the uk he is happy to send some over for a trial. I have not yet cast one but I hear they are great lines and carry sink tips very well and have even done well in tournament casting. providing it is ok with admin if you would like to try one all you will have to do is pay for the postage both ways(recorded) and you can have a loan of the line for a couple of weeks for you to have a play with.
and it is a chance for us to try a different spey line that is not available in the uk at the moment it makes no odds to me either way if you are interested i can let you know a bit more about them when i have try them.
Here are the lines are will ahve to trial.
The lines that will be coming best wishes Corrib

WinterAuthority70-10/11 head - 870grain at 70feet - works very well
with 14'6" and up rods
WinterAuthority55-10/11 full line - 880 grain at 60feet - works very
well with 14' and up rods
WinterAuthority45-10/11 head - 760grain at 52feet - works very well
with 14' or 15' rods
FallFavorite45-9/10 head - 700grain at 49feet - works very well with
14' or 15' rods
FallFavorite70-9/10 head - 790grains at 68feet - works very well with
14'6" and up rods
CHAMP1516 () competition spey line.