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    Using Heavy Lines for Calico Bass

    I am new to this forum but fish with a crew of guys experimenting with heavy lines. We are fish for calico bass off of the California coast and wanted to share this little video. Any input you might have would be most appreciated.

    How To Fly Fish for Calico Bass using Heavy Fly Lines - YouTube



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    Re: Using Heavy Lines for Calico Bass

    Ahhh Calico's - boy I miss them now I'm back in the UK. Had 8 years in San Diego and they were one of my favourite local species although I didn't do much fly fishing for them - I liked potholing in the kelpbeds with live sardines and jigs.

    So I guess you are trying to get down deep along the edge of the kelpbeds, boiler rocks and other rip-rap? What rods do you anticipate using to cast a 1000 grain line out of interest?

    Sorry I can't help you with any experience but I am intrigued to hear more when you start developing this further and get out on the water.

    Good luck and keep the video reports coming!

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