Here is a favourite version of the Cascade that I like using all season long

The dressing is as follows:

Hook/Tube - Any Copper/Aluminum 0.5 to 1.5" or Doubles/Trebles 4-12

Thread/body White UTC or for a Tube, white insulating tape

Butt - Hot Orange Antron

Tail - Mix of Yellow and Orange Bucktail with 2 strands of Pearl Mirror Flash

Body - UTC Mirage Pearl (varnish shank before applying second layer of UTC tinsel

Rib - Silver or gold wire in opposite direction to tinsel

Underwing - Black Bucktail, Squirrel or Black Bear depending on size of fly and 2 strands of Pearl Mirror Flash

Collar - Yellow and Orange Hackles swept back a little

Head - Black Thread - triple varnished with varnish of choice

One of my 5 absolutely "never leave home without one" flies for salmon. Good for the whole season in most water heights and conditions