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    Back in the water...its a whole new world aparently...

    Hello everyone.
    Name is Willy. I grew up in the Northwest part of Wyoming here in the good ol' USA, fly fishing with my Dad every chance we could get.
    I've caught some really nice rainbow, brook, and brown trout in my time.
    Now years later, having kids it was impossible to fly fish, since I was helping the little ones all the time. What seems to be a lifetime later, now my son is old enough to catch the anglers bug!
    I have told my son so many stories of catching fish via fly, and how much more fun it was than spinner fishing. (PERSONAL PREFERENCE...)
    Now that I have a very fired up fishing buddy, I've got to figure out what I'm doing wrong before he gets discouraged. The problem is that nothing that I used to do, very successfully I might add, is working.

    He spent two WEEKS every day outside practicing his casting, false casting, rolls, name it so that he would be ready! And from what I can see, he definitely is.

    We have now been fishing FOUR times and we haven't even caught so much as a bite.

    So I'm hoping that I can find through reading and discussions here, what the heck I'm doing wrong. And finding near by fellow anglers never hurts to have extra fishing buddies....

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