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    Smile Hello to you all!

    I'm a newbie in this community, in fact it is the first time ever I post something on the net!! Although I've been following on and off some of your discussions on issues that interested me in my continuous search of knowledge about Atlantic salmon and the quest for this magical fish. Yes, i'm totally new in that field too, how do you say...a rookie? Anyway, I've done quite some fishing in the last 40 years, including 12 years of intensive fly fishing for trout and grayling and professionally the last 20 years were spent in tackle shops, my own bait firm an in and around lakes and rivers as an instructor. I sold my firm 12 years ago to Sensas and moved to the hills of Luxembourg in the south of Belgium where I fell in love with the rivers and their inhabitants. These days I'm working as an animator/fishing guide/concierge for the provincial government in a 3000 acre domain with a brown trout farm and 4 (private) miles of the river lhomme for which i am the bailiff. But enough about me! As i said i took up salmon fishing (in fact it's about all that i can think about for the last two years!!), the trout in "my" river are jumping for joy...and I've been twice to the Mandal in Norway without as much as a pull. Yes I know, it's not particularly the easiest river, but i set myself a goal : if i can catch one there i'll catch 'em anywhere ! So i will persist and go back next year. For now i'll look around the forums a little while but all you pro's beware, one of these days i'll start harassing you with my (silly) questions!! In the mean time i would like to wish you all a happy newyear and lots of tight lines next season. See you soon...(will work out how to upload pics in the mean time). Thanks for accepting me as a member,


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    Delighted to have you onboard. Welcome!

    Loading images, videos and even tables is easy once you master it. Look here for further advice:

    Salmon Atlas Fishing Forums - FAQ

    All the best


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