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For sure, Wester Elchies is one of the better beats for openess (and we thank you for that) but the river as a whole is not good.

We could easily provide free of charge a catch reporting system that Spey beats could use - a bit like those used in Norway:

Laksefiske i Orkla. Lakseb°rs levert av Orklaguiden AS

I'm serious, it would take me very little time to do this. Just say the word - seriously!

BTW: years ago I fished Delagyle and loved one particular pool - Deleane - is it still as good!


The Spey as a whole is improving with the catch information, reading my weekly reports will give you the catches for Delfur, Rothes, Wester-Elchies, Carron and Laggan(along with Craigellachie and Grantown already in the Public domain) on a regular if not weekly basis, with other beats when I get the information. I am trying to get more beats to give me information but sometimes things take time.
I will take your offer to the Spey Publicity Committee.

Constant *****ing from the RSAA and others, in the press and on the internet does not really help bring the proprietors onside.

Delene, did not fish well in 2008 see here for the correct spelling and information.
The pools