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ASF RIVERNOTES - If It Rains They Will Come
This week all the talk on the rivers and in the science offices is about rain, and how the salmon need it. The latest data, with new reports from today. Check it out!
ASF River Notes | Reports on salmon runs, research field work and other matters of interest in the world of Atlantic salmon

What do you think about aquaculture?
The Chronicle Herald ran a poll that had nearly 2,000 responses. Check the results.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - What Do You Think of Aquaculture? Poll Results

Healthy Environment & Farmed Salmon Too
ASF's Sue Scott blogs in the Huffington Post on how land-based aquaculture can solve a host of environmental issues.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Healthy Environment and Farmed Salmon Too

In PEI, Does Lack of a Hatchery Slow Restoration after a Fish Kill?
As fish kills continue to occur on the island, does the lack of a provincial hatchery slow efforts to bring back river health?
Atlantic Salmon Federation - PEI Lack of Hatchery Slows Fish Kill Restoration