The first week of the season can now be summed up, and one might say it went a lot better than we feared. The water temperature in May was cold, and didn't climb above 7 Celsius until 30 May. We were worried that the cold water slowed down the salmon run and that there weren't many fish about, but thankfully we were proved wrong. The first fishers went out in the early morning hours on the opening day, and it didn't take long before the first two salmon of the season were landed.

This was followed by two salmon on Wednesday and two salmon on Thurdsay. Friday produced four salmon, so before the weekend we had 10 salmon in the catch journal, which was the same result as 2009. Saturday was the first blank day of the season, but two good fish were lost that day and there were many sightings in the pools, so there has been good action every day. In total somewhere between 12 - 15 salmon have been lost during the first 5 days of the season.

The conditions have been fairly stable throughout the period, with an average water temperature of 7.5 Celsius. The water level had its peak on Wednesday noon, and has been dropping steadily since. The river height is still very good, both for fishing and for salmon to run the river.

A visit to Aunan Lodge is not only about fishing, but also to enjoy nature, good food and the company of friends on the river bank. The weather was great on Tuesday, and we had a very pleasant lunch by Pollen.