The season has started at Aunan Lodge, Orkla in great fashion!

The premiere dinner last night was an excellent build up to the first fishing day of the 2010 season. Just before midnight everyone walked across to the Anfield terrace, and the river toasting ceremony was performed by Vegard, as tradition is.

Our rods chose not to go out fishing just after midnight, but rather get up early in the morning and get a couple of hours fishing before breakfast. So Pollen was completely rested when David R÷nneberg was the first to cast into the Pollen rapids. It didn't take many casts before the first fish of the season was on. A bar of silver was safely netted a few minutes later, and David could pose with his magnificent salmon under a bright morning sun in Pollen.

Shortly after Stein Graff landed a 6,4 kilo salmon from the far bank in Pollen, and the rods could come in for breakfast with two salmon on the scoreboard. Not bad! It will be exiting to see how it continues.

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