Blackwater Lodge is having a good season of summer fishing, reports owner Ian Powell.The County Waterford fishery in the Irish Republic recorded the highest Monthly Catch Total for June
since 2003 and this with only 109 rod days.
The average size of the fish has also shown a 30% increase in these last 10 years.
In 2003 it was 5.4lb for the month of June. This year it was 7lb.
The average June height of the river from 2004-2011 was 37cm. The average height of the river for June this year is 80cm (over 2 feet) higher.
Indeed, there have only been 3 (spring) months during the fishing season in the last years where the water has been higher - & that only by 5-6cms.
This year there are far fewer fish under 5lb & far more in the 5-10lb class.