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    The best looking juveniles ever seen in North America? NASF


    The best looking juveniles ever seen in North America?

    The first salmon parr reared in the USA by using the methods developed to restore Britain’s River Tyne are about to be released. Backed by the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) and supervised by Peter Gray, the former superintendent of the Tyne’s Kielder Hatchery, the ground-breaking American stocking experiment aims to restore the Atlantic salmon run of the East Machias River in Maine. Few wild salmon currently return to the river.

    Mr Gray, pictured clipping the adipose fins of the parr to enable them to be identified when they return as adults, is delighted with the quality of the parr. “They are lean, unstressed and very fit, “ he said, "we’ve produced slim, athletic little fish that should be capable of surviving life in the wild and better suited to face the stress and dangers of the long oceanic migration that they must undertake.”

    Experts from a number of US institutions who recently made an inspection trip to the East Machias hatchery seem to agree with Mr Gray. They praised the results of the work and most said the fish were the finest looking group of juveniles they had ever seen.

    Orri Vigfusson, chairman of NASF, said: “I am very excited by the way the East Machias experiment is going. We and the very enthusiastic North American conservationist Bill Taylor, President of the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) and others who are partnering with us realise that we have taken on an enormous challenge. Despite huge restoration efforts and considerable spending by the US authorities nothing has worked up to now. The rivers of New England have suffered much steeper declines in Atlantic salmon than other rivers in North America, Europe or Scandinavia. In Maine the salmon has been listed as an endangered species since the year 2000.

    The North Atlantic Salmon Fund is working closely with the Downeast Salmon Federation, ASF and the USFWS Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery on this landmark project.
    NASF, The North Atlantic Salmon Fund, NASF, is an international coalition of voluntary private sector conservation groups who have come together to restore stocks of wild Atlantic salmon to their historic abundance.

    North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF). Helping restore Atlantic salmon to their natural abundance

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