When the going gets tough, Paul Volcker, formerly chairman of the US Federal Reserve, gets a call. Recently it was President Obama who called to appoint Volcker to head his economic recovery team and today it is the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) calling to enlist Volcker’s help to restore stocks of wild Atlantic salmon.

Volcker is a passionate fly fisherman and friend of Orri Vigfusson who heads up the NASF group that works to deploy sustainable economic solutions to support the wild salmon populations of the North Atlantic. Fly fishing has been a part of Paul's life for at least as long as economics and he has fished a great many rivers around the world. For a number of years, Volcker has supported the NASF schemes to compensate netsmen throughout the North Atlantic. The direct result is that 85% of salmon netsmen throughout the North Atlantic have signed up to conservation schemes and alternative fisheries that allow more precious wild salmon to return to their native rivers to breed.

In support of NASF, Volcker recently agreed to speak at two European dinners about his financial reform proposals. The first dinner was hosted by leading French asset management company Amundi, to which top bankers and personalities in the European financial world attended. The second dinner will be hosted by the Intermediate Capital Group PLC in London in early May.

To find out more visit the NASF website here.