With the Kola Peninsula salmon-fishing season set to open at the end of next week on the River Varzuga, Roxtons Fieldsports have been heading out to prepare their Lower and Middle camps.
Roxtons' Director of Fishing, Charlie White confirmed Founding Director Christopher Robinson was on his way out to Varzuga via St Petersburg as he gathered supplies for the first rods, who arrive on Saturday May 12th.
The advance party sets up camp within the next few days and they can expect night temperatures hovering around freezing, with daytime temperatures edging up into mid-single figures.
But the cold conditions cannot dampen prolific sport with the Atlantic salmon that run up from the White Sea, stopping at Lower Varzuga's holding pools on the lower river.
Early signs of the big thaw came with reports of the river ice breaking three weeks ago on the neighbouring Umba river.
The Varzuga season start can be followed via the Varzuga blog, www.varzuga.com