Reported in Adressa:

Marine Harvest is to face a cull of over 680,000 farmed salmon, due to the highly contagious pancreas disease (PD) at an aqua-industry site in Central Norway.

After taking samples of dead fish last Friday (15. April), Marine Harvest sent the fish to the laboratory for closer analyses. These showed a low incidence of the PD-virus.

The salmon at the site are just under 2 years old and have grown to an average weight of approx. 4.5 kilos.

Marine Harvest has in consultation with the FSA (Food Safety Agency) introduced additional security measures at the site and the Agency has formally put a curb on the site.

Neighbouring sites are already notified, and the nearest plant belongs to Sinkaberg Hansen, (the family owned company of the Norwegian Fishery Minister, Mrs. Berg-Hansen) and is located 7 km from the curbed site.

In addition to implementing security measures, Marine Harvest will now seek the FSA to accelerate the harvesting of fish from the site. This is done to reduce the likelihood of the virus to spread, causing additional outbreak in the nearby area. Communications Director Jorgen Christiansen, Marine Harvest said that one hope to get started with the slaughter within a week.

Highly contagious PD is caused by the Salmonid Alphavirus (SAV) and the disease is found in Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout, and is very contagious. This is the first incident detected in the Nord-Trøndelag County of Norway. The SAV has previously been found at a Marine Harvest aqua site in 2009, on the island of Smøla.

Må slakte 700 000 laks pga sykdom -