Only rivers that average 160 salmon or more since year 2000 have been included in this table.

Trend = This tells us whether or not the river is improving or deteriorating as a salmon river (since 2000) and how fast the change is. 100% (more) means the catches have doubled since 2000 (>50% coloured green). -50% means they have halved (coloured pink). These are not absolute values but are taken from a linear line of best-fit which provides a good way to judge trends. Overall the salmon catch for the rivers tabled above has doubled from 2000 to 2010.

2010/Avg = This tells us if 2010 was a good, average or poor season for each river. The figure compares the 2010 catch against the previous 10 year average. Overall 2010 was a very good year with a catch 50% above the ten year average.

Iceland salmon fishing . Table of rod catches 2000-2010

(Top 37 rivers)

Raw data kindly supplied by Orri Vigfusson of NASF.

See full table of Iceland's salmon catches 2000 to 2010