Eight Indian chiefs in British Columbia go on hunger strike for 29 hours - one hour for each of the 29 Norwegian-owned fish farms located within their territories in British Columbia.

Indigenous people, scientists and environmentalists all believe that salmon farms are the cause of the continual decline in wild salmon numbers and that their whole way of life is being threatned.

"This is a peaceful, respectful, non-violent protest to draw attention to this important topic, and use the media who are here during the Olympic Games to get our message out to a wide international audience", says Chief Bob Chamberlin.

The action takes place in Vancouver and ends 16 February, the same day that Norway plays hockey match against Canada.

The three Norwegian companies Grieg Seafood, Cermaq and Marine Harvest control 92 percent of all farms in British Columbia.

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Indianerh°vdinger til sultestreik mot norske laksetopper - nyheter - Dagbladet.no

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