Source: Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF)

A growing national and international controversy has erupted over the approval by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to allow Cooke Aquaculture to grow out ISA-infected farmed salmon in a marine site near Liverpool Nova Scotia, beginning in June 2012. The infected salmon were then trucked to Blacks Harbour, NB and processed to enter the food supply chain for Canada and beyond.

ASF has drawn attention to the risk to wild populations of Atlantic salmon, herring, cod and other species from highly contagious ISA (Infectious Salmon Anemia), while other individuals, organizations and media have questioned the wisdom of using the farmed fish for human consumption.

Nationally broadcast AS IT HAPPENS (CBC) interviewed ASF's President Bill Taylor as well as veterinarian Dr. Larry Hammell on this ISA fiasco, and the podcast is available here:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Bill Taylor on As It Happens Talks ISA

ASF has been a leader in supporting the move of salmon farming to land-based closed-containment aquaculture. CBC Information Morning interviewed Steven Summerfelt, a world leader in the technology, on Monday of this week:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Viability of Land-farmed Salmon

The background to the development of the ISA controversy has been fast and explosive. To see the location of the salmon farm, and for an overview:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Disease Fiasco Shows Need for Change

Individuals from coast to coast have indicated their strong disapproval of CFIA's decision. Here is one letter from Newfoundland:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - I Will Give the Diseased Fish a Pass