G.Loomis along with Sage and Hardy have always rightly been viewed as the leading innovators, designers and manufacturers of some of the finest fly rods in the world.

Now is your chance to see all the key G.Loomis models demonstrated and learn which is best suited to what from none other than Director of R&D and World Casting Champion - Steve Rajeff who is on a 4 date UK tour starting Thursday this week.

This is a must-see event if you are serious about your tackle choice and fly fishing in general.

Over 4 days and at 4 different venues stretching the length of the country, the G.Loomis / Steve Rajeff Tour will be starting at Willowgate Fishery near Perth on Thursday 17th June, then moving on to Forrest Hills near Lancaster on Friday the 18th, Sportfish Reading on Saturday the 19th and Bushyleaze at Lechlade on Sunday the 20th.

This is your chance to;-

  • meet the man behind the brand and one of the foremost casters of our generation - Steve Rajeff
  • watch Steve demo all the key models in the fly/salmon range detailing what rod is suited to what situation/fishing style
  • see Steve perform his accuracy and/or distance casting demo's
  • learn how to balance your current outfits by matching line to rod.
  • meet many of the Pro-Guides.
  • get tips on improving your casting skills and technique from Steve and the Pro Guides.

Click here to view the full details of the tour on our Fly Forums website