The Department of Marine Resources, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service, in cooperation with the Penobscot Nation (representing Tribal interests), have established a new Management Framework for cooperative Atlantic salmon restoration and recovery in Maine.

With an expanded DPS, limited resources and competing priorities a clear need was identified – develop a collective strategy and implement the highest priorities for management and scientific studies that have the greatest potential to recovery the species.

To achieve a cooperative and inclusive management plan, the partnering agencies and tribes have established the new Atlantic Salmon Recovery Framework with agreed upon biological needs of the species, identification of objectives or a shared goal, and actions to achieve that goal.

On August 19th, 9:30 AM, at the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine’s Conference Center in Augusta, Maine, the agencies will present the new Framework to our partners.

The intent of the meeting is to lay out the Objectives and new Governance Structure and our plans for incorporating public input into recovery. As part of this new structure, specific Action Team’s (AT) have been developed and will present an overview of specific recovery actions.

The agencies will take comments on the draft framework at this meeting but will also take additional comments in writing till the end of August. Details on sending additional comments will be made available at the meeting.