Meet Gaula and Orkla river managers at the Tweed Angling Fair 1 and 2 May. Torstein Rognes and Rune Krogdahl are at hand to inform anglers about the development of the disputed bag-net fishing in Central Norway and the salmon fishing prospects for the 2010 season on the two major Norwegian rivers.

They will be at the Norway Salmon Fishing’s stand B in the main hall. Also present is Jon Kjelden, chairman of ‘Elvene rundt Trondheimsfjorden’ (Rivers around the Trondheim fjord) organisation, which started the bag-net buy out in 2004 in co-operation with and with help from Orri Vigfusson, the Icelandic who in the early 1990s started an innovative, multinational initiative to buy out the fishing rights of commercial salmon fishers whose over-fishing was causing the decline in Atlantic salmon stocks.
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See you at the Tweed Angling Fair!