Minister Fergus O Dowd is delighted to announce the opening of the ‘2012-13 Salmon Conservation Fund – Contributors Scheme’, which has an initial allocation of €200,000 available for projects which help in the conservation of Wild Atlantic Salmon. Applications are invited from clubs, fishery owners, individuals and commercial salmon fishermen who have contributed to the fund by March 15th, 2013.

The scheme, which was run on a pilot basis for the previous two years has been a success to date, with projects from all over Ireland awarded funding. Applicants work with Inland Fisheries Ireland to agree projects and many have been successful in securing LEADER funding also.

Minister Fergus O Dowd has visited many fisheries projects and has praised the work done by those interested in salmon conservation stating “ I never cease to be impressed by the work enthusiastic, passionate anglers and individuals can get done, ensuring that our natural resource is conserved and protected for future generations. The long term effect will ensure biodiversity and improved stocks of salmon from which Ireland can derive economic benefit through recreational angling, and commercial exploitation in years to come”.

Details of the scheme can be downloaded from Salmon Conservation Fund application | Salmon Management