From Steffen Juhl .....

"I’m very pleased to declare that after many years working for some of the biggest outfitters in the salmon fishing world, I have decided to start my own company. I will off course use this opportunity to thank my former employers and our many years together – years I wouldn’t be without.

My company will be named SALMON JUNKIES because isn’t that what we are - addicted to Salmon fishing? Could we be without our drug in the form of Salmon fishing and the community revolving around it – For many of us, the answer is a BIG NO.

I feel the time has come for me to reap the fruits of my twenty years in Russia. I must admit that I’m proud to announce that two of this worlds best Salmon rivers on the Kola Peninsula have come under my lease – The world famous Ponoi river and my long time love affair – the gorgeous Umba river

The Salmon Junkies Ponoi programs for 2010 season do not need a lot of PR - Ponoi is Ponoi and Acha camp is Acha camp - a waterproof fact that simply cannot disappoint.

For all Kola veterans we are very pleased to announce that the magical Umba River on the south side of the Kola Peninsula is accessible and back on track again. Our Russian partner in Umba has signed on with a good and strong conservation plan, which outlines specific initiatives, that all pull in "THE FLY-FISHING DIRECTION" and with a strong and multi facetted management of this magnificent river – I of course had to grab this chance, as so many anglers have expressed their wish to me of returning to this outstanding place.

For the dedicated Salmon Junky, the task is always to find a “new taking salmon”, or to put it another way. A true Salmon Junky’s mind never stops to pursue new “pulls” and collect golden moments in good company.

We trust you will enjoy our new web site, and find inspiration for your dream trip. Being true Salmon junkies we are set on a mission to restructure salmon fishing in Russia providing you with two world class destinations that offer the best and affordable salmon fishing on today’s market.
Drop me a mail or call me for more info and booking – I really look forward to hear from you.

Hope to meet you out there, meanwhile please visit my new website where you find my new Kola programme for 2010 and some exciting videos from Ponoi and Umba.

Tight lines,
Steffen Juhl