What a season start for this lady, Aase Haugen Waldal with her beautiful, fresh from the sea
salmon, 21.0 kilo (46 lb). Photo: Terje Solberg, T-A.

It was without high hopes of good catches that the Norwegian salmon fishing season started 1 June. Problems over a number of years with an increasing and drug resistant sea-lice population affecting the migrating smolt; costal and fjord bag nets and bend nets depleting the returning stocks before reaching the rivers and the defiant refusal of Norwegian authorities and anglers to accept catch and release as a valuable conservation method and the upkeep of spawning stocks.

But, after first week’s fishing, river managers report a reasonable good start of the season with particularly the lower reaches of River Namsen in Central Norway providing good results with more than 300 anglers having happy experiences. Above all, the Swedish veterans Hanson & Søderlund are on a high with a marvellous 22.0 kilos (48-pounder) on the Seem beat some 40 kilometres up the river.

BIG SALMON: Hasse Hansson & Sten Söderlund from Sundsvall, Sweden with
their 22.0 kilo specimen, caught at Seem Farm, Namsen on 2 June 2010.
Picture from Trønder-Avisa.

A bit further south in the Central region both the Gaula and Orkla rivers have had acceptable start too. On the Gaula both Gunnar Liabø and Axel Wimmers landed 20.0 kilos (44 lb) specimen of the silvery wonder and on the Orkla they have reached 16.5 kilos (36 lb) thanks to Sten-Arthur Sælø.

Sten-Arthur Sælø's 16.5 kilos Orkla salmon (Picture from Orklaguide.com)

There are also good reports from the Stjørdal and Surna rivers in the Central region, with a good 40-pounder by Morten Kongshaug at the Trøite beat on the Stjørdal.

Further south in the country we have reports from the mighty Numedal River where Oddvar Mathiesen caught a 14.0 kilos (30-pounder+) on 1 June.
We expect reports from other rivers during the weekend when new groups of keen and exited anglers try their luck on Norway’s marvellous BIG-salmon rivers.

Summary table from a few well known rivers, 7 fishing days into the 2010 season.