Salmon fishers are invited to Farlows of Pall Mall on Wednesday 9 November, 9am – 6pm to meet Mr ‘Norway Salmon Fishing’, Harald Oyen, and to learn more about the emerging rivers of Norway where catches are increasing and where massive salmon still thrive.

TV personality Harald has ventured far and wide in Norway but will focus on the magnificent pristine rivers of the far north.

One gem to catch the attention this year is the Reisa River, a jewel among salmon rivers in Arctic Norway and neighbour to the famous Alta River. Over the last few years the Reisa has been increasingly, carefully managed and controlled and is seeing catches improve year on year. Catch & Release is encouraged and the river is beautifully clear and healthy with wonderful spawning gravels. What is more it runs through a most spectacular gorge home to sea eagles, elk and extremely large salmon!

(2011 Record: Jens Olav Flekke, 23.5 kilo (51.7lb) cock salmon, July, Reisa River.)

Harald will give a short presentation on the Reisa and other gems at 6pm but will be available all through the day in the shop. There will be special discounts on selected fishing equipment and Norwegian snacks and drinks will be available.


Harald Oyen

Max Sardi
9 Pall Mall
Shop: 0207 4841000