June 2, the second day of the Norwegian 2011 season, an angler on the Orkla River was fined for lack of a disinfection certificate.

- The Swede was on a stretch of the river in the Orkdal municipality and could not provide the disinfection certificate when controlled by the bailiff. He was fined NOK 3,000 (£350),” says Rune Krogdahl, Managing Director of Orkla River Association. He will be able to return to the river when the fine has been paid and the equipment properly disinfected.

Monday, a German was caught for the same reason and consequently fined.

The rules are clear and states that everyone arriving from abroad or have previously been fishing another river, should have their equipment disinfected prior to fishing the Orkla River or any other Norwegian river. The fear is that fishing with non-disinfected equipment could cause spreading of the disastrous parasite Gyrodactylus salaris.