The rescue action for the Vosso salmon goes as planned. This year it released a record number of smolt.

From the Vosso Guild’s hatchery at Evanger, a delivery of 160 000 nice and shiny Vosso-smolt takes place. In addition, 24 000 smolt come straight from the Voss hatchery. All smolt are produced from eggs that come from the National Gene Bank, writes Vosso Guild in a statement.

The Vosso salmon stock collapsed in the late 80's. The Vosso Guild is participating in a rescue operation, investing NOK 12 mill. during the 2008-2013 period. In 2010, an increased number of Vosso salmon were caught. This was the first visible result that the rescue work bears fruit. It was also added more eggs from locally caught brood stock. The eggs have now been placed in different parts of the watercourse.

- The improvement project for the Vosso salmon is on schedule and we are satisfied with the results we have achieved so far. We are all excited about the big salmon again finding the way back to Vosso," said Chairman of Vosso Guild, Cato Lyngoy.

As part of the rescue operation, the Vosso Guild, together with fish farmers in the area - also worked to reduce other threats such as sea-lice populations and escaped farmed salmon. This good work is producing results is the message from the Vosso Guild.
Because there is now a greater proportion of ‘artificial’ (hatchery) smolt in the Vosso River, 20000 tagged smolt are released in the Evanger lake added from the river's own spawning production to assess the return migration of naturally spawned salmon.