Broad consensus among business, outdoor life, conservation and environmental organisations for the wild salmon:

Political commitment to the introduction of enclosed farms applauded

In “Today's Business” (“Dagens Næringsliv”) it was stated by Environment Minister Erik Solheim that “the fish farming industry has reached a point where it must take responsibility for their environmental challenges”.

Solheim points on enclosed farms as a realistic solution, signalling that the political authorities want to encourage technology development by awarding participants that will get involved with this. Organisations like Norwegian Salmon Rivers Association, Greenpeace, WWF, Bellona, Norway's Conservation Association, the Norwegian Forest Owners' Association, Outdoor Unions, the Norwegian Farmers' Union and the Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers have for a long time demanded new political measures that are essential to speed up the development of technology that can provide opportunities for sustainable fish farming.

We applaud the Minister's environmental initiatives and encourage Government and parliamentary politicians to take specific and speedy measures that stimulate the rapid development and testing of enclosed fish farms for salmon