Norway’s 2010 season on the whole wasn’t too bad with a slight increase on the previous ten year average. Some rivers have improved very well (e.g. Reisa) whereas other continue their alarming downward slide (e.g. Numedal). It seems that the further north you go, the better the rivers are doing.

See full Norway salmon catch table from 2000 to 2010


  • Only rivers that average 300 salmon or more since year 2000 have been included in this table.
  • The rivers are sorted on 11 year average rank. (Click on column headers to sort)
  • Trend = This tells us whether or not the river is improving or deteriorating as a salmon river (since 2000) and how fast the change is. 100% means the catch trend over the 11 year period has doubled since 2000, e.g. 1,000 to 2000. -50% means the cath trend has halved. These are not absolute values but are taken from a linear line of best-fit which provides a good way to judge trends. Overall the salmon catch trend for the rivers tabled above decreased by 33.75% from 2000 to 2010.
  • 2010/Avg = This tells us if 2010 was a good, average or poor season for each river. The figure compares the 2010 catch against the previous 10 year average. Overall 2010 was a slightly better than average year for "River Norway" with a catch 2.27% above the ten year average.
  • Raw data kindly supplied by Harald Oyen of Fish Norway ( and published by Statistics Norway