The major salmon fishing season in Norway starts 1 June, although a small number of rivers start 15 May. It has not been a great start but rivers like the Numedal, Stordal (Fosen) and the Namsen tributary Bjøra have reported catches.

Sven By landed a 15.4 lb salmon 16 May on the Stordal River in Central Norway.
Foto: privat MMS-foto

The biggest expectations are normally linked with the Bjøra River's start as she often delivers early salmon in the 20 - 23 kilos league (44 - 50 lb). However, the start on the Bjøra this season has been slow due to very high water levels, provided by very hot weather and resulting snow and ice melting. The largest salmon this far is around 7 kilos (15 lb) and the local comment is; 'looks like a herring!' Well, the Namsen rarely disappoints in providing good value for money - I'll be surprised if we don't see the 50lb mark this season too!?

Also the Numedal River has reported its first silvery specimens and as 'usual' it was Mr. H Nilsen from Sandefjord that caught the first one this year too. Well, he managed in fact three of 8.7, 7.0 and 6.0 kilos, all between 04.00am and 08.00am the first morning. His comment is very encouraging too; 'It's seldom so many are caught the first day'. Let's hope it continues!

Foto: Jan E. Thorstein,