The Orkla River Management Board has decided that anglers can only keep a total of 4 big salmon throughout the whole season compared to 10 big salmon last season. –“This is a measure to secure Orkla’s big-salmon stock from disappearing and will double the numbers of big salmon spawning in the river” says river director Rune Krogdahl to “It will also help increase the numbers of kelt leaving the river during the spring spates and providing bigger return of multi sea-winter salmon returning year by year” he stated. “Adult salmon can tolerate more sea lice, so it is more likely to survive when it goes back to sea again. It feeds on smaller fish, including herrings that are in large quantities again”.
The rivers around the Trondheim fjord has during the last 5 years spent over £2.0 million to buy out bag-nets from sea fishermen to allow larger numbers of salmon a free run to their spawning grounds at more than 30 rivers in the Trondheim fjord basin. This has helped most of these rivers to achieve their set spawning targets. This buy-out arrangement came to its end in 2010 and it is important that river management authorities show responsibility by reducing the river catches by encouraging catch and release as well as introducing strict catch and kill allowances. In addition, the Norwegian Nature Directorate has signalled a comprehensive review of bag-net and bend-net fisheries to be implemented from the 2010 season (1 June 2010).

Norway seem to have started realising that their wild salmon stocks need to be managed better and it can be done in joint partnership with the fish farming industry, sea fishermen and riparian owners.

Picture by Orkla River director Rune Krogdahl