The Tweed Commissioners yesterday confirmed with the publication of their RTC 2010 ANNUAL REPORT AND ACCOUNTS that 2010 was indeed a fantastic salmon fishing season. (Actually the best on Tweed since records began in 1947).

23,219 Salmon were caught in 2010 by rod & line - double that of 2009. (and a further 8,102 by the nets!).

We predicted a little less than this (22K+) back in October.

The spring rod catch (to the end of June) of 1,445 was better than 2009 (1,147) but was still low compared with the recent average catch; 91% of fish were returned under Tweed's Spring Salmon Conservation Measures.

10,039 Sea-trout were caught in the 2010 season (6,671 in 2009), of which 7,418 were by net and 2,621 by rod.

All in all a tremendous 2010 season! (and not a hatchery in sight!)