The recent rains which have followed a period of prolonged drought have set the salmon and sea trout racing up the Tyne. The cork has popped and we can toast the start of the season properly now. So far (as of 19th July 2010) 10,630* fish have passed the fish counter this season, with a staggering 2,841 fish having moved through in the last week on the recent rise of water. July alone (so far) has counted 6,136 salmon and sea trout which is the second best July on record with 12 days still to go! After a slow spring a great surge of relief has been felt along the Tyne valley.

Only the record 2004 season has been better than this one to date.

Catches too have recently been good with salmon and sea trout at last being caught at Lambley on the South Tyne and beyond.

Anglers are also being urged to take part in the Angler Scale Sampling Programme. Please read the link on how to take part and how best to take scales from your fish.

* Data kindly supplied by the Environment Agency.