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    Record Tyne salmon and sea trout run continues

    Tyne Monthly Fish Bulletin : October 2010
    by Morton Heddell-Cowie
    Environment Agency

    The upstream count for October was 9,409. This figure is the six highest count for this month in our records; the highest October count occurred in 2003 with 14,066 upstream counts being recorded. The count for the year up to the end of October was 44,761 which is the highest on record for the period, surpassing the previous highest, 40,715 set in 2004, by 4,046.

    The highest daily total recorded during October this year was 764, which was recorded on the 29th. This peak occurred at approximately the same time as a slight rise in river levels and a sustained increase in water temperatures. The chart below shows the daily counts along with the daily average water height and temperature at Bywell for October 2010.

    Scale sampling programme

    By the end of October, 556 scales samples have been submitted to the scheme, 420 coming from salmon and 136 from sea trout. October has accounted for 112 samples, 98 of which coming from salmon and 14 from sea trout, with only a few more samples expected. Of the scales that have been read so far, we saw that the salmon sampled were mainly grilse (one sea winter fish), while the sea trout sampled were mainly maidens, with only three samples coming from repeat spawning fish. Of these three, two weighed at least 19lbs and when aged both showed that they were returning to spawn for a fifth time.

    The Angler Scale Sampling Programme is supported by:

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    Outstanding run of fish.


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