New York, NY…The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) has honoured the organization’s VP of Research and Environment, Dr. Fred Whoriskey, who has taken the position of Executive Director, Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) at Dalhousie University. ASF’s Board of Directors presented the Lee Wulff Conservation Award to Fred at its meeting in New York on November 11 to recognize his outstanding 15-year service to ASF and to salmon conservation.

Chairman of the ASF (US) Board of Directors Rick Warren said, “Fred’s ingenuity and drive allowed ASF to deliver ground-breaking research programs, especially on the marine phase of the wild Atlantic salmon’s life cycle. His knowledge, passion and commitment convinced others of the great need for ocean research, and he was instrumental in establishing Dalhousie University’s OTN program.”

The OTN is now tracking movements of a wide variety of ocean-dwelling species, including wild Atlantic salmon, all over the planet. The OTN’s goal is to determine migration routes and patterns and to unravel some of the mysteries of what these creatures encounter in the ocean.

Widely recognized as one of the world’s leading research scientists in the field of Atlantic salmon, Fred Whoriskey helped build ASF’s Research and Environment Department into a world-class unit. He has led ASF interventions on a number of high profile environmental issues and was regularly consulted by governments and NGOs for his expertise and advice.

ASF has a network of seven regional councils (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Maine and Western New England). The regional councils cover the freshwater range of the Atlantic salmon in Canada and the United States.