Hofsa in Vopnafjordur is a fabulous Icelandic river. It’s right next door to the celebrated river Selá and is now leased and operated by the Strengur Angling Syndicate.

They have let us know that they have some (rarely available) rod vacancies:

July 10 to 13 (2 rods)
August 18 - 21 (2 rods)

The swimming pool blue of the Rivers Hofsa and Sela river is breath taking! And fishing wonderful too.

If you can go - go!

More details: Angling Club Strengur - Hofsa River | Sela River

This week we have a special River Hofsá offer :
June 28 – July 4 and August 18 – 21. Also a special one day offers: One rod July 13-14, one rod July 15-16 and one rod August 17-18. Apply to orri@sela.is