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    Salmon in the Elbe river, Czech Republic

    From The Independent - Sat 14th May

    Salmon are flashing silver again in the Elbe river and its many tributaries in the Czech Republic as the waterway slowly bounces back from four decades of communist-era pollution.

    "The salmon symbolises the remarkable efforts that are needed today to put right the sins committed by our predecessors," says Tomas Salov, a wildlife manager at the "Czech Switzerland" national park.

    "Today, this fish is the flagship of our reintroduction programmes," Salov told AFP in the village of Jetrichovice, tucked away in the mountains of the northern Czech Republic.

    To read the full version please click here...

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    Re: Salmon in the Elbe river, Czech Republic

    Outstanding Read!

    Thanks for the link; other thoughts cross my mind, but I'll leave it at that. 'People' everywhere are 'looking back' and thinking 'forward.'

    A good thing, I think.


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