The Atlantic Salmon Trust’s 2011 Fishing Auction is now launched. This year’s auction has a wider than ever selection of lots, ranging in price from under £50 to over £10,000, with fishing in rivers ranging from the Varzuga in Russia to the Mourne in Ireland. Full details are on the auction website: The Atlantic Salmon Trust Fishing Auction 2011

The online bidding system has also been made more straightforward – and also fun! – with a map-based approach and click-through to full description of each lot, and a bidding form.

With the exception of one or two fishing lots which are for dates early in the year, all bidding closes from 14th February. The close of bidding for each batch of lots is slightly staggered, to enable anyone who isn’t lucky enough to get the first lot they’re bidding for to try for another.

“Since the auction is AST’s principal fund-raising event of the year, we’re hoping for lively bidding on all lots,” said AST Chief Executive Tony Andrews. “Some of the money raised will be shared with Rivers & Fisheries Trusts Scotland and the Association of Rivers Trusts, and a substantial sum will be ring-fenced for a project shared by the three organisations. The more we raise, the more we can spend on the important work of ensuring a brighter future for Atlantic salmon and sea trout.”

Click here for brochure (PDF)