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    Scotland's 2009 Atlantic Salmon Rod Catches

    Rivers are ordered by 10 year average.

    %Trend = This is calculated for each river by using the data from the last ten years and plotting a linear line of best fit through the values. The last year is then compared against the first year of this line to see how the catch has changed over the period. For example, -50% means the catch has halved over the period. (e.g. year 1 = 500 caught. Year 10 = 250 caught, therefore the change is -50% of the starting value.) Whereas 100% means the catch has doubled. (e.g. year 1 = 500 caught. Year 10 = 1000 caught, therefore the change (growth in rod catch) is 100% of the starting value.)

    See full table of Scottish salmon catches 2000 to 2009

    Please note: The data used in this table are Crown copyright, used with the permission of Marine Scotland Science. Marine Scotland is not responsible for interpretation of these data by third parties.

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    Maybe I interpret figures to suit my thoughts, (lies damm lies and statistics!!)
    but is it the rivers that practise catch and release, in some cases mandatory, that show marked improvement over the last two years?
    The percentage of fish killed/released per river alongside the catch tables would be illuminating to say the least.

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