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State of the Atlantic Salmon in 2013
Scientists have confirmed a precipitous decline in Atlantic salmon numbers, and it raises questions about the harvest in Greenland. Read more
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Decline of Wild Salmon Raises Questions on Greenland Harvest

In a short video, ASF's Sue Scott describes the issue of an increased take of Atlantic salmon in Greenland waters, and what it means for North American salmon.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Concerns Raised About Greenland Harvest of Wild Atlantic Salmon

ASF has prepared a 2-page BACKGROUNDER on the State of the Population.

ASF's Sue Scott is Co-Chair of the NGOs at NASCO, and below is the Opening Statement prepared for presentation at the beginning of NASCO.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - NGOs Opening Statement at NASCO

Atlantic salmon are now returning to our rivers, and water levels are excellent for their journey. Read what is happening. Also, some river "year end" reports from last year are added.
ASF River Notes | Reports on salmon runs, research field work and other matters of interest in the world of Atlantic salmon

Possible Slaughter of 500,000 Farmed Salmon Coming in NL
There is a report that an open net pen salmon farm on the South Coast of NL has been quarantined, and may need to kill a half million fish.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Gray Aqua Farm in NL Under Quarantine