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Thread: Another New Guy

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    Another New Guy

    Just checking in as a new guy here. I've been fly fishing since I could cast an old bamboo rod. I'm 65 now and have been fly fishing in earnest for about 13 years now. My favorite fishing is in rivers and streams, but my legs are giving out on me so most of my fishing now is from a 12' jon boat in the local lakes of Eastern Washington. I look forward to picking up some tips from you all and hope that I too have something to share.

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    Re: Another New Guy

    Hi lotech-joe - glad you found us. Funny how bamboo and glass fibre rods are coming back in vogue now isn't it. Glad to hear you are still getting out and about to wet a line despite slowing down a little.

    If you are not on it already you might also like to check out our dedicated North American Fly Fishing Forums to find some other fly fishers local to you in and around Eastern Washington.

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