So I'm new to fly fishing Colorado. We live in Eaton, and have been going up the Poudre, as well as clear up by Kremming.
Growing up I always used about a 6' leader made of 6lb test, and flies were always about a #6 hook. That's how I was taught, and I've caught a LOT of fish throughout my fishing days.
I've been trying to teach my son to fly fish recently, and we've made multiple trips up the river only to come home disgusted.
I've spoken with a gentleman at Cabelas recently, who corrected me in modern technology.
So now I'm using much lighter tippet (5x), as well as a MAX size hook of #12, but mostly using a #14 well as I'm doing what's called a merger set up where I'm using a dry fly on my tippet as a strike indicator, then adding an additional 18" of tippet tied to the curl of the hook, and adding a nymph to that.
It sounds like people still fish the holes the same, with the same kind of approach as I've always been used to.


We are STILL getting ZERO bites!

WHAT am I doing wrong, as I am DESPERATE to get my son a fish on line before he loses interest.