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    Could salmon fishing help my marriage?

    Hi,MrsC has decided that she much prefers the taste of salmon to trout, and that trout have too many small bones.I'm in my first season on the fly for trout, and my sudden interest in all things fishy, hours reading books, money spent on essentials and worst of all, every chance to go and "practise" for a couple of hours, is not going down too well.MrsC no longer greets me like a returning hunter gatherer as I come through the door with a trout in hand. So I have now had the ultimatum: "If you are going to go fishing, come home with a salmon."I live near Sheffield, so the nearest rivers will be the Ribble, Esk and Tees, I believe.Please could someone suggest when and where and at what cost I can fish on a day ticket within a reasonable travelling distance, with a good chance of catching a salmon?I am happy to fish on spinner, as my fly tackle is probably a bit light for salmon (although I have a hardy graphite favourite 7/8# 9.5ft that might cope).Many thanks,Courty


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    I see you mentioned the Tees, further up the road is the Tyne, have a look at they show where you can fish and the Tyne is now coming into its prime months for good and big salmon. If ya spinning fishing mepps or small flying c's upstream works well. There are plenty fish in the system to.

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