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Thread: First spey rod

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    First spey rod

    Looking for a small bit of advice,was looking at getting my first double hander rod.I want to get a nice actioned rod,not too fast for a nine weight spey line.with out breaking the bank,as it will prob get some abuse as i have only had one lesson. and i have another booked .here is two i was looking at ,has anyone fished them.Greys grxi 14" 9/10scierra matuka 14" 9/10any feedback and general tips for a beginner greatly welcome.Kind regards


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    C.F. Burkheimer Spey rods are the creation of Kerry Burkheimer out of his small factory in Washougal, Washington. Burkheimer Spey rods are some of the finest Spey rods on the market and feature some of the best craftsmanship in the industry. Every blank is hand rolled in their factory and finished with the finest details. These rods are also amazing casting tools. They are a progressive rod that enable one to cast a variety of different spey lines such as Skagit, Scandinavian, traditional, and long belly Spey lines. Once you cast and fish a Burkheimer rod it is hard to go fishing with anything else.

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    I agree that these rods have a very special feel about them. Read my review of the CF8134-4 Classic. 13ft 4in double-hander:

    Fly Fishing Forums ? The World of Fly Fishing Online - Review: Burkheimer 13ft. A reminder of the gentle art

    My only quibble was with the very peculiar line AFTM rating! #7/8/9



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