I am off to the Galway Oyster Festival next week and want to do a bit of river fly fishing on the way.

I haven't been fly fishing for 20+ years but want to get back into it and will do more when I return but wish to have a bit of fun next week with my friends. As such I have a few questions and would appreciate your thoughts on any or all of them:

1. My rod & reel have died after years of living in the garage and I want to get replacements, however, I want to gently break into the sport again and so would appreciate suggestions for what I could get for around £75 total.

2. What would the suggestions be for flies for this time of year in Ireland (this could be a very dumb question!) and importantly where can I get them.

3. Do I need a license or can I fish on any open river by the roadside?

4. Are there any great spots on the way from the south-east corner of Ireland to Galway which would be worth a fish?

Importantly, I do not need any comments as to the folly of my plan, it's just for fun and the experience, it really doesn't matter a jot whether we catch anything or not but it would be nice!!

Thanks in anticipation!