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    Question Which fly fishing reel?

    Hello everyone!

    I'm James and I will start fly-fishing this year. I already bought some equipment but especially the range of fly fishing reels is confusing me...
    One of my mates recommended Z-Reels ( but before buying one I'd just like to make sure that it is the right choice..
    Does anyboby know Z-Reels? Any experience? Any comments? Anybody knows where I can buy them in the UK?
    Thanks for your help..


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    Good question!

    I've just left a message with the manufacturers to ask them for more details. They certainly look like very interesting reels!



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    They look a bit small for salmon fishing.

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    Smile Z-Reels

    Hello everyone,

    At first a thx to Colin

    My name is Christian and I'am the Product Manager from Z-Reels.

    Thank you for your interest in my product. Now we haven't a dealer in the UK (I'am very interested to get one), but you can buy it in our online store . We ship our products over the world!

    I can tell you, my products (Reels) have high quality and a innovative design. The Reels are complete saltwater resistant and very lightwight. We have much of colors (combinations) and you can sign your own name on the Reels.

    We have the sizes 5,6,7,8,10 and 12! But I need to setup the sizes 10 and 12 on my web and store (I was and I'am on much exhibitions the last/next weeks ). The model 10 and 12 have a diameter of 115 and 120mm, width are 42 mm. They weight 260-270 gramms.
    The core of the two bigger reels are ~ 65mm.

    I will setup the Reels next week. I will show here next week a photo

    Do you have questions? Please feel free to ask me.

    Best regards from Germany


    EDIT: Here are two pictures

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