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    Hellooooooo Wellington...

    Stopped on the way back from Upper Hutt with kids, had rod in car, pulled up to a run... barefoot - 2nd cast nailed the Cicada then threw the hook, then had another hit a few metres upstream but no hookup again.... then saw the telltale back rise of a nymphing fish, changed to a stealth combo of #14 Parachute Adam's and #16 PT and bang, 5lbs for Finn to reel in! Awesome in the middle of the day amoungst the stick throwers and swimmers, all within 10 minutes then back in the car and home...

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    Very nice sketch of a real fishing experience. I love that summer fishing moment when, among the day trippers, dogs and sticks and kids swimming (nothing wrong with that but when it's thro your salmon pool you know what I mean) - and.. you manage some fishing success. In those circs I once pulled over at the bottom pool of our bit of the Nith and, not having thigh waders with me, just waded out bare-foot in shorts and hooked and landed a nice sea-trout in daylight, on a trout rod. Fun.

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